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Dr. Shailesh Sharma becomes Member of Academic Council of IKG PTU

Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial College of Pharmacy Bela Director Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Sharma has been selected as a member of the Academic Council of IKG Punjab Technical University Jalandhar for Pharmacy Programs. Becoming a member of the Academic Council will further increase responsibilities such as overseeing and reviewing existing program structure, course syllabus, evaluating ongoing programs at other institutions, market needs, current trends and updating courses and programs. To give suggestions for and to check and approve the resolution passed by the Board of Study etc.

Dr. Sharma thanked the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean Academic, Dean Research and all the staff members of IKG Punjab Technical University Jalandhar. On this occasion the President of the Sub-Committee Pharmacy College Dr. Bhag Singh Bola said that it was due to his hard work and forward thinking that the college was moving forward on the path of progress and with new achievements it has created a unique identity all over India.