Message - Chairman

Capt. M. P. Singh


As a group, we are diverse and it is diversity within our profession that helps us to reach out to people across cultural, economic and social boundaries. We pledge to offer all of our students the best possible education at ASBASJSM College of Pharmacy. I can proudly affirm that all my committed faculty and staff will leave no stone unturned to transform you all into prospective young pharmacists with globally compatible skills and knowledge. These tireless efforts shall all the more support the picturesque institutional environment and its hi-tech infrastructure. COP-BELA, is one appropriate place where every child gets an equal opportunity to think, wonder, visualize, explore, experiment, take decisions and enrich itself through its experiences. COP-BELA has been principally set up to facilitate aspirants to become efficient pharmacists with a brilliant ability to address strategic and practical issues of the industry. As Bachelors and Masters in Pharmacy, a plethora of opportunities awaits you at this esteemed college. I hope you explore and make the best of these opportunities thereby leaving a permanent mark for you in this vast realm of Pharmacy.

Sardarni Rajbans Kaur


S. Sangat Singh Longia

President, Managing Committee

Capt. M. P. Singh


Dr. Bhag Singh Bola


Dr. Shailesh Sharma

Director-Cum-Member Secretory