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Bela Pharmacy College Celebrates the National Pharmacy Education Day

Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial College of Pharmacy (Autonomous) BELA, celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Prof. M. L. Schroff, widely regarded as the Father of Indian Pharmacy Education. The event was marked with great enthusiasm as faculty members and students paid tribute to this influential figure in the field of pharmacy education. According to the Director of the college Dr. Shailesh Sharma, the celebration aligns with the instructions of the Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, designating Prof. M. L. Schroff's birthday as the National Pharmacy Education Day. This year, the theme chosen for the celebration was "Leveraging Synergism: Industry-Academia Partnership for Implementation of National Education Policy 2020." The celebration showcased the college's commitment to honoring pioneers in pharmacy education and fostering a dynamic learning environment that aligns with the evolving landscape of education policies in the country. During the event, Dr. Monika Gupta provided insights into the biosketch of Prof. Schroff, shedding light on his significant contributions to pharmacy education in India. Dr. Ajay Singh Kushwah took the opportunity to introduce the National Education Policy 2020 in the context of pharmacy education, offering valuable information to the students. Expressing gratitude, Dr. Satnam Singh extended thanks to all the students and faculty members for their active participation in the program. The occasion served as a platform to foster awareness and understanding of the crucial linkages between academia and the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing the collaborative efforts needed for the successful implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 in the field of pharmacy education.