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Dr. Shailesh Sharma & Dr. Neelam Shamra was appointed As BoS Member (Pharmacy) by IKG Punjab Technical University.

Punjab's famous college Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial (Autonomous) College of Pharmacy, Bela Director Dr. Shailesh Sharma was appointed as Member of the Board of Studies (Pharmacy) IKG Punjab Technical University. He has been nominated as a member for the second time by IKG Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar and Dr. Neelam Sharma, Associate Professor has been selected as a member for the first time. Dr. Shailesh Sharma said that this responsibility has been given again by the university. Following this responsibility, many important decisions will be taken for the quality of education and research for the future. Which will prove good for future pharmacy students. The syllabus and scheme will be implemented with immediate effect as per the guidelines issued by Government of India, Government of Punjab and Pharmacy Council of India from time to time. On this occasion, the president of the organization, Sardar Sangat Singh Longia, Capt. M. P. Singh, Dr. Bhag Singh Bola, S. Sukhwinder Singh Whisky", s. Jagwinder Singh and all the college management members congratulated them on this big achievement.